isyCHAT-free is a very easy and simple chat messenger for textmessages only, like SMS. You can change messages between one or more persons simultaneous. The last 10 messages of a chat will be saved on the server. If you send a message today and your chat partner isn't online yet, he'll get the message later if he's logging in another day. Your username is equal like a chat-channel. The channels "OpenChat1" and "OpenChat2" are for tests. Everyone can use them. The difference to the full version is the adding of [fr] to every message and a slower message interval (7s). This chat app is 100% free of advertisement!

Version 1.1:
Faster Chat-Interval.
Online Counter: Shows you how many people just online.
Online Selection: Select a persion who is just online.
E-Mail: Send a message via email.