This is a theft protection for your iPhone. Just activate the alarm function with one touch. Lay the iPhone with the display still on top on the table. After 5s the alarm function is activated. A Fakescreen is shown (picture 2), with it in such a way looks as if no APP is active. If somebody takes now your iPhone and pockets it in his pocket, then the alarm sounds as long as the iPhone is laid back on the table. You can also activate the "silent alarm". Then there sounds no alarm signal. But it will send an email to you to the email address entered from you. The email includes the location of your iPhone as a longitude and latitude. The emails will be send after a before opposed interval. If you click on the link in the email, it will show the location of your iPhone on a map.

- Alarm with sound
- Notification via email
- 2 adjustable alarm volumes
- adjustable reaktion sensibility
- more than 25 different alarm sounds
- Fakescreen with screensaver
- Englisch and German help